Dominican Diseases

The Dominican Republic, known for their beautiful coastlines and sugar production. But in most recent years, not everything has been so sweet for the Dominican Republic:

Severe outbreaks in Cholera the past few years have plagued not only the Dominican Republic, but also the island nation next to it, Haiti

Photo: Prensa Latina

Photo: Prensa Latina

In most recent news, as of August 27th, the Dominican Republic has had yet another severe outbreak in Cholera, despite new steps forward to produce more sanitary living conditions. This outbreak has effected at least 67 people and hospitalized five.

Islands of the Dominican Republic and Haiti have been infamous for their unsanitary living conditions as well as their extreme amounts of poverty. In recent years, the Dominican Republic has made great strides in reducing disease with sanitation efforts focused on water cleanliness reform; however, they still struggle with various outbreaks of bacteria and viruses. The CDC travel notice of awareness of the water conditions in the Dominican Republic (put in place in 2010) still remains in effect.

The Dominican Republic continues to work to rid their outbreaks of the disease with Haiti regularly

For those looking to travel to the Dominican Republic and surrounding areas, please check with the State on how to protect yourself from disease abroad.

-Maria Harper


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