Haiti launches environmental initiatives

posted by Hunter KinderImage

On May 1st, Haiti launched an initiative to plant 1.2 million trees that day and 30-50 million a year, doubling the forests by 2016. They have lost 98 percent of trees due largely to the impoverished country’s need for cooking fuel. This initiative is not only to repair environmental conditions, but economic as well, as deforestation is largely precipitated by people’s need to make a living. Some agronomists, like Jude Lauriston and Bernard Felix, are skeptical about the initiative; saying they fervently hope the the tree-planting campaign is a success, but worry about the government’s lack of planning.

“(I) only got an informal order for 100,000 mango, orange, mahogany, cedar, and avocado trees. This is not the way to do it,” says Felix, who has managed nurseries for nearly 30 years. “A contract for plants would be the first step. Then, they should tell us exactly when they need them. We have no problem supplying two million plants every three months,” he says.

Furthermore, starting September, environmental protection is incorporated into school curriculum to raise awareness in a younger generation.  Proliferation of green alternatives to charcoal and wood (such as solar, kerosene and propane stoves) is happening. An environmental surveillance corps to monitor protected areas will be set up as well.





3 thoughts on “Haiti launches environmental initiatives

  1. Interesting post! Does there seem to be any other initiative on the part of the government to make up the deficit between the 100,000 trees they ordered and the 30-50 million they plan to plant over the course of the rest of the year? Also, this news is from May; what’s been happening in the months since then?

  2. I think it is so great how much a country like Haiti is doing to improve their environment. Any small steps they take will help not only their country but the entire world, as well. Planting these trees will also help to improve their economy which will greatly aid them in the long haul which is really great to hear.

  3. Great post Hunter. You made a great point saying that “this initiative is not only to repair environmental conditions, but economics as well, as deforestation is largely precipitated by people’s need to make a living.” I feel like a lot of people too often forget this: protecting and improving environment eventually lead to some sort of economic development. I would like to learn more about how Haiti is doing with this initiative right now and how they incorporated environmental protection into school curriculum as well. This is very important for us (adults) to teach children about the importance of protecting environment because they are the one who have to deal with the environmental issues in the future that we’ve caused. It’s our social obligation to do so. Do schools in Haiti offer any classes in order to raise awareness of environmental problems or some sort of school events and activities related to protecting environment? I heard it’s hard for children in Haiti to get education. If so, what are the possible things that the government could do to raise awareness in people who can’t afford to go to school?

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