Managing the Dominican Republic’s environment

With such a unique climate in the Caribbean it comes as no surprise that managing the environment in a country such as the Dominican Republic can be such a challenge. The area deals with common destruction of the environment as well as unstoppable forces such as natural disasters that can destroy the environment.

In dealing with environmental issues the Dominican Republic has multiple projects in place along with projects that come along when issues need to be addressed immediately.

For example, infrastructure reconstruction costs due to natural disaster. Due to the high probability of earth quakes and hurricanes in the country of the Dominican Republic, having this kind of program to help the people and environmental rebuilding is crucial.


The Dominican Republic is working towards the UN Millennium goals to work on environmental issues along with other problems in the area. The program they have in place is called the United Nations Program for Development in the Dominican Republic (PNUD). This program focuses on Democratic Governance, Poverty Reduction, Energy and Environment, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and HIV/AIDS.

Focusing in on the environmental aspect of the PNUD, the Dominican Republic puts a heavy weight on the management of their environment with programs such as land management, water management, and energy management.

The Dominican Republic aims to get ahead of their environmental issues and put a management strategy in place in order to handle the problems that come along.

-Maria Harper

Please note: The websites that are linked to are in Spanish. Use a translator to read them 


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