Dominican Beats

It’s no surprise to the world that the Dominican Republic has an absolutely massive latin influence. The language spoken there is Spanish. The food eaten there carries latin roots. And the music of choice? Merengue.

The music originated in the Dominican Republic many MANY years ago but became famous internationally between 1937 and 1950.

Although Merengue has a heavy influence on the Dominican Republic, there are still many other types of music. One of those types is Bachata. It’s a form of dance and music that has recently become popular despite its rural roots.

Even though music in the Dominican Republic is very traditional, they still have a global connection. Like the rest of the world, rock is very popular in the Dominican Republic. And even recently, rap and hip-hop has started to take off.

While the Dominican Republic isn’t the world’s hub for the latest and greatest music creations, they sure can produce a sick beat.

-Maria Harper


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