Caribbean Looking to Capitalize on Globalization


The Caribbean contributes to 40% of the drug flow into the U.S.

By: Abby Belongy

As the world is becoming increasing global, small countries are having more of a voice and are also joining together to make a larger impact.  While the UN and several of its agencies are present in the Caribbean, an August conference in Barbados showed that Caribbean countries want more attention from the General Assembly, especially for gender equality and regional issues.  The Barbados meeting drew delegates from 14 different Caribbean countries and several UN agencies, including UN Women and UNICEF.

The Caribbean area takes a different approach on gender equality than the U.S. and other western countries do.  Rather than having neutral laws that apply to all, they want a recognition that men and women are equal beings but have different characteristics.  With this philosophy, gender-neutral laws would have to be adjusted to benefit men and women equally but, sometimes, differently.  The UN typically applies a universal standard for gender rights, so the call to address the culture difference in the Caribbean does not have an easy solution.

The Caribbean also wants international support in tackling transnational crime such as drug trafficking and improving trade treaties.  As shown in the image above, the Caribbean accounts for an astounding 40% of the drug flow to the U.S. alone.  With the globalized world, crime is becoming harder to regulate as groups make national boundaries irrelevant.  International organizations such as the UN are the only practical way to combat transnational crime.


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