Bahamian NGO continues to fight capital punishment

By Hunter Kinder


(R.E. Barnes briefing on how the BHRN fights capital punishment)

The Bahamas Human Rights Network is a non-governmental organization based in Nassau, Bahamas. They work to promote the observance of, the education of persons of Commonwealth’s human rights. They also report and investigate abuses of human rights, one of which they have been fighting for 25 years is capital punishment which was legal in every capital offense, but has since become more lenient with a 2006 Privy Council ruling that the mandatory death sentence in The Bahamas was unconstitutional.

R.E. Barnes, a BHRN official, says, “We try to educate and enlighten people on how the death penalty doesn’t work…People feel it is a simple solution to the crime.”

The Bahamas, which is a Commonwealth, inherited policies from Great Britain as it was colonized by Britain.  Although Great Britain has abolished the death penalty, the Bahamas has not. Current prime minister, Perry Christie, is in support of the law recognizes it as a divisive issue.

The BHRN encourages positive constructive pressure on the issue.  One could write to the Prime Minister, expressing discontent with the law.



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