CIPAF takes on women’s rights

The Centro de Investigación para la Acción Femenina (CIPAF) is a feminist NGO in the Dominican Republic. They focus on creating gender equality and eliminating the abuse of women.

As seen in this blog post, women’s rights and abuse in women is a massive problem in the Dominican Republic right now. CIPAF aims to change this through various objectives and programs. Translated from their website, they wish to “contribute to the development of Dominican women through the promotion of their equal participation in all areas of economic, social and political life.”

They work on these objectives alone and with the help of various NGOs around the world as well as internationally recognized organizations and governments.


CIPAF stop domestic violence campaign poster


CIPAF has many campaigns and projects they are working on. They work under a feminist agenda as well as a gender equality one. They frequently post informational blog-like posts to spread their mission and objectives.

-Maria Harper




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