Disney Denies Rumors of Costa Rican Theme Park


By Alex Dmuchovsky

This past Wednesday (12/4), Liberian mayor Luis Gerardo Castañeda announced that the Disney Corporation had purchased a sizable area of land in Costa Rica with the intention of constructing a theme park. The West African mayor made the announcement on a Costa Rican morning TV talk show called “Buen Día.However, according to a local newspaper out of San José (Tico Times), Sarah Domenech, a public relations manager at Disney Destinations, firmly denied the rumor.

“What I can say right now is that the news is completely false.”

The rumor caught on quick in the nation’s media, and had circulated around all major media outlets by the end of the morning.

Talking to the morning newscast via telephone, Castañeda reportedly informed viewers that the municipality of the alleged land purchase was mere days away from completing the permitting and zoning process. The Liberian mayor also hinted that ground could be broken within the next year on the “7,000 hectare” property.


In an official press statement, Disney spokesperson Angela Bliss also denied the news. The statement in question read: “At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we continually look for ways to grow our business and as part of that process, we have conversations with many different entities. While Costa Rica is an attractive market, we have no plans for the region at this time.”

Castañeda called his statements a “misunderstanding.”








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